Inspiration and Birthing Creative Energy

I believe creativity has a pulse. I don’t believe in blocks because we can create the block and move through it, but I do believe in rest time and yes sometimes it’s years and sometimes it’s a day, either way creative energy needs inspiration. And though sometimes we can feel a slight ping of inspiration, sometimes it’s just not enough to push through the new energy that’s wanting to be birthed, and like any birth we need to wait for the right time, you can’t make a birth happen because you want it to, as our creative energy needs inspiration to move towards the birth.

I’ve been thinking on this while writing and what I need to inspire myself to write. For me I find writing is more challenging to birth the new energy. I’d say it’s because it’s more mind orientated than what painting is so we tend to overthink the fear, but I find both support each other nicely.

I’ve been thinking on what inspires me and what gets things moving and for me and it’s always nature. Not just being in nature but losing myself in the detailed creation of a leaf, a petal or sitting next to my eggplant babies in awe of how nature works. This is where photography gets everything going for me.

I lose myself in macro photography. There’s an awe and peace losing yourself in the magic of nature.

Magic in my front garden.

Losing your imagination within the details, details that are too small to see which gets the imagination flowing of how, and the what ifs and not to mention the connection with nature that grounds the fear, roots us back to our bodies and moves the creative energy back up to the surface.

I haven’t felt stagnant in creative flow, if anything I think sometimes I have too much of it, this inspiration thing got me thinking as I begin to write again. I’ve been losing myself in painting and herbal craft (that’s another post) but because now I’m in the flow of my writing ๐Ÿ˜€ I haven’t stopped all day I thought I’d share the magic of nature photography that has always got things moving for me when I’m moving towards birthing new creativity.

More front garden magic

Compassion for All Life

Let’s be honest, regardless of how noble your occupation is if you can’t think past caring about people only then I don’t think you’re doing it right.

True compassion is for ALL life. All life. We all live on this planet. All of us. It’s all of our responsibility to look after it not just a select few.

If your heart isn’t open to every living being then you’re not loving to your full capacity so when you make judgement on someone or something I’m not going to take your opinion into consideration.

These are my thoughts while I was taking these photos whilst speaking to a beautiful friend who actually gives a fuck about this planet. ย I’m with ya honey.

Love you, you know who you are xoxo

Between Worlds

I was sitting at the beach the other day. It was overcast and windy my favourite time and I lost myself watching the waves..

Even just thinking about that moment right now I feel relaxed and it takes me to a place between worlds where even if I feel overwhelmed with emotion I still feel calm, I know I’m alive and I’m breathing through it.

There’s a sacredness in that space and I think many of you know what space I’m talking about. It’s that space where no matter how you feel that connection with nature you can feel that sacredness that there is more to life, more to whats happening in the present than what you feel you know, and you know you’re not alone and you can feel the power of it.

I was staring into these waves above and focusing on the turbulence beneath it and the many powers at play.

It got me thinking of this power which we are a grain of, this beautiful sometimes turbulent and sometimes so fragile energy is what we are created of and we use it to create with.

Realising how powerful it is and at the same time so vulnerable this amazing creative energy.


It makes you think though doesn’t it? Looking at that photo above of the waves and remembering the power of the crashing waves, knowing that we are made of this very power. Sitting and watching the power and beauty of it wouldn’t it be lovely if we can observe our own fluctuations the same way instead of trying to control how we think we should be, or how we think our writing, painting, drawing, photography should be and just allow ourselves to just BE.

I think if we did we would be more like those rose petals above soft, open, vulnerable… isn’t that a comforting and soothing thought… xxx

Between Spaces

I’ve had a blog post in the back of my mind since the last one and its been a few weeks.

For me it feels like months. Feels like time has sped up again and everything is moving so fast just feels like there isn’t enough time in one day to get everything done.

I’m happy to say everything I wanted to achieve this year I have successfully and between spaces I’m trying to soak up moments where I can appreciate what I’ve created so far.

I read this beautiful comment this morning and it went like this, ‘ The meaning of success changes when love enters the room.’

Beautiful. I automatically connected it to me. Loving yourself more means your priorities change and the achievements I placed in front of myself this year isn’t what I think most people would think. Most people connect achievements with financial goals as I watch endless amount of people constantly striving for materialistic or social status.

Thats never been me anyway but I flipped everything around two years ago and made everything about loving me and deepening my relationship with myself, I made a commitment to me.

Thats the first time I’ve ever placed myself first..EVER and wow how everything has changed for the better so much abundance in every aspect of my life but again everything is still in the flow of change nothing ever will be permanent again.

I say that because we hold onto ideas for insecurities sake that things will last forever. Whether we are open to movement of the Sacred Feminine in our lives or not She is rising and destroying everything in Her way that isn’t real, the illusion is falling it’s time for sacredness.

I’ve heard myself say many times ‘this constant change is relentless’ and I’m sure so many of you would agree but its not the change thats relentless I realised but my fear of flowing with Her, flowing and being open to impermanence. Scary thought isn’t? but yes its just a thought, an idea, an illusion.

Stability is going with the flow, ALLOWING yourself to go with the flow.

So I’m leaving you with these words and promise I’ll write more, I’ll make space to write more.

I also just want to thank everyone who has visited my site. When I logged on to write today the stats of my site has gone through the thank you โค xxx

Where the fuck are we going?

I woke up with that feeling of ‘where the fuck are we going as people?’
I am a natural medium I have been working as a medium since I was 16 I’m now 38 and deeply attuned with our planet I have a strong connection with Earth and this question and feeling has been raised more than once particularly over the last 7 years as I just see we are spinning out of control and into a dark place where so many are losing their sense of self, their connection to their own soul and majority have no relationship with our Earth.
I don’t believe we can be a balanced human being without having a relationship with the Earth and Self. This is what keeps us grounded and connected to the Source within and without.

Without that connection to Source we are just surviving.

(Sigh) so where to from here today?
When I feel like this well pretty much any feeling I create. I focus on the heaviness and I choose a medium and I create the heavy dark feelings that have emerged and something beautiful even if it’s dark comes out.
Like this photo of the ocean I took I changed the settings to express what I’m feeling in this moment:


When I was moving through one of the darkest experiences around sexual abuse years ago I drew fairies for three hours at my kitchen table.
Never drew a fairy before that but each one carried a different feeling I have two of them here to show you.



Body movement and creativity helps to move what we’re feeling inside whatever the medium it doesn’t matter.
I had one client and her primary creative expression was food so I told her to express her feelings by using different foods and dishes to express how she feels and it worked for her.
When she was angry it was spicy, when it was emotional it was soup :), when it was complex and she needed to reflect it out she made a three layered cake, cool hey? ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ok so message delivered I’m going to get off here and create and if any of you are feeling the same even begin with jotting down the different emotions you’re feeling to move it, to bring it to your awareness.

Our feelings need our presence in order for it to be released otherwise we are just pushing them down.
Let it out create something beautiful with something dark.