She of the Revolution 

I shared with my Facebook supporters very recently that I feel so strongly to step up to my own plate and do what I came here to do. Not to just create art, and that is a big reason why I am here, but to use everything I have to create change in the world and here it is..

I know that I am here to create profound change and the time is now to get moving. 

My website is almost completed. I’m so fired up and excited for this new work I can hardly fucking contain myself! 😄🔥

Here’s the Facebook page and I would LOVE if you can not only like it but share it around. 

Facebook page, click here –> She of the Revolution

See YOU there! 



Inspiration and Birthing Creative Energy

I believe creativity has a pulse. I don’t believe in blocks because we can create the block and move through it, but I do believe in rest time and yes sometimes it’s years and sometimes it’s a day, either way creative energy needs inspiration. And though sometimes we can feel a slight ping of inspiration, sometimes it’s just not enough to push through the new energy that’s wanting to be birthed, and like any birth we need to wait for the right time, you can’t make a birth happen because you want it to, as our creative energy needs inspiration to move towards the birth.

I’ve been thinking on this while writing and what I need to inspire myself to write. For me I find writing is more challenging to birth the new energy. I’d say it’s because it’s more mind orientated than what painting is so we tend to overthink the fear, but I find both support each other nicely.

I’ve been thinking on what inspires me and what gets things moving and for me and it’s always nature. Not just being in nature but losing myself in the detailed creation of a leaf, a petal or sitting next to my eggplant babies in awe of how nature works. This is where photography gets everything going for me.

I lose myself in macro photography. There’s an awe and peace losing yourself in the magic of nature.

Magic in my front garden.

Losing your imagination within the details, details that are too small to see which gets the imagination flowing of how, and the what ifs and not to mention the connection with nature that grounds the fear, roots us back to our bodies and moves the creative energy back up to the surface.

I haven’t felt stagnant in creative flow, if anything I think sometimes I have too much of it, this inspiration thing got me thinking as I begin to write again. I’ve been losing myself in painting and herbal craft (that’s another post) but because now I’m in the flow of my writing 😀 I haven’t stopped all day I thought I’d share the magic of nature photography that has always got things moving for me when I’m moving towards birthing new creativity.

More front garden magic

Permaculture and More Change

Mercury fucking retrograde can piss off now thanks and apparently it will this Wednesday. Christ almighty I’ve had enough of it. I’ve created about two pieces of art since it begun, my head’s mushy, I’m behind in my study, and I’m tired as fuck of feeling. Anyone else tired of feeling so much?

These last few weeks have felt like months, seriously months but besides all the whinging I did get a heap of stuff done, other stuff besides art that will clear the way for more art and more greenery. I’m obsessed with permaculture and anything green and that’s where my heart seems to be calling me the most nowadays besides art.

The sadness of seeing our earth in such a critical state because of us, people not humans, hurts. I’m finding this sadness has deepened to depression at times but how can you not feel depressed at times? If you’re connected you’ll feel the hurt.

I find this hurt stops me from creating too. I kind of just fall in a lull and just want to be outside more loving our Mother and putting some good stuff back into Her, sitting at the beach or forest and just listen to Her..just listening because we don’t listen anymore, we haven’t been for too long a very big reason why this world is off balance, we don’t live close to Her anymore.

Permaculture principles rule my life now and I bring it into every place of my life including my art life which I have found ways to create art in a more sustainable way which I’ll share in another post. I just think we all need to learn how to live more sustainably and be that in every aspect of our lives and share. Share the knowledge because it’s such a heart centred and harmonious practice and we all should be interested in the planet that gives too much to us.

So I’ve decided this; my writing page will be changed into a permaculture page. It’s time I’ve been studying it for a while and I want to share what we can do to help ourselves and every living being on the planet. This is the link to the Facebook page: – right now it’s still my writing page but it will be changed this Wednesday when Mercury finally fucks off. And the name will be changed then and my writing will be shared on my art page which is connected to this blog.

I’ll share more over the next week because I’m still processing too much and still feeling pain, not going to lie. xxx

Purchase art at my new shiny website by clicking here –>


Compassion for All Life

Let’s be honest, regardless of how noble your occupation is if you can’t think past caring about people only then I don’t think you’re doing it right.

True compassion is for ALL life. All life. We all live on this planet. All of us. It’s all of our responsibility to look after it not just a select few.

If your heart isn’t open to every living being then you’re not loving to your full capacity so when you make judgement on someone or something I’m not going to take your opinion into consideration.

These are my thoughts while I was taking these photos whilst speaking to a beautiful friend who actually gives a fuck about this planet.  I’m with ya honey.

Love you, you know who you are xoxo

Last Day of the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

Who knew that on the last day I would feel emotional.Emotional because it’s been healing, empowering and scary but also deeply freeing. It’s given me insight and clarity to pick up my practice to work with people again but not like I did in the past it’ll be different. The greatest gift it’s given me is to open and be vulnerable again. It’s changed the way I communicate with others to not be afraid to share more than I have in the past. Who knew 10 days would make such a beautiful shift. I’m so grateful.

Grateful to those who took the time to read my posts. Over 2000 hits in ten days. To those who took the time to read my posts thank you. It wasn’t easy I have to say but I will be bringing this forward some how in some way and challenge myself that little more to remain open and keep sharing. I feel emotional and can’t find the words to describe what I’m feeling but it’s good feelings of a heart thats opened a little wider.

To every highly sensitive soul, I know it’s challenging to open in a world that is so harsh but the Earth needs you. Your visionary skills, uniqueness, sensitivity, empathy and compassion, understanding, creativity and wisdom is what the world needs more of. We need to support each other and bring beauty into the world again. The Earth needs you, I need you and the millions of others that need that little bit of encouragement and empowerment to be their shining self.

Just like Sam the world needs your gentleness and light.

Can I end this by asking each one of you to take the time to send some loving thoughts to my beautiful friend Jen who lost her baby boy almost a year ago, our dearest Sam who’s courage and gentleness will always live on.

We love you Sam xxxx

Day 9: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

I want to share something that bothers me a lot and to be honest has held me back from connecting because I want more mess, I want real. When you have experienced the depths of your own personal darkness with awareness it pulls back layers of how you didn’t see the world with clearer eyes before the journey. I can also understand why so many people will do anything to avoid being honest with themselves because its painful and really who wants to feel pain? Though the thing is if we don’t learn to accept and embrace the messy painful parts of who we are we aren’t actually living a full life we are only just surviving. That avoidance will lead to more chaos, more hardships, dependance and in some cases sickness too lets just be honest here.

Feeling pain, fear, sadness, grief you know all the shitty feelings that comes with being human is necessary to accept because whether you want to acknowledge these feelings or not you are still going to be uncomfortable and in pain it will just take another destructive form and pull you away from reality.

The so called spiritual circles out there (yes the ones I have been a part of) I have to say I can’t stand being around and no I’m not a part it any longer haven’t been for a very long while. The word namaste gives me the shits. I can’t stand the falseness anymore. Why? because I’ve seen so many people mask there pain behind different beliefs, I’ve seen manipulation to the extreme, I’ve seen good people in their vulnerability seek assistance only to be hurt more and I see too much of people not wanting to love, accept and embrace their humanity. I understand we all grow and evolve at our own pace but if you choose to hang onto certain beliefs to not only hurt you but others along the way to uphold an image thats fucked friend.

I understand its pain and fear I truly understand and have compassion for that but this avoidance of being real has just gone too far. It has. The Earth needs you to be your awesome messy self. Don’t feel bad about showing all of who you are because theres people like myself who want to see that beautiful mess that we’ve all been conditioned to hide. Man I am craving to see more. Humanity is a beautiful thing and it comes with two sides one light and one dark and its the dark where we find ourselves so imagine creating a world where we feel safe to share our pain and be empowered to explore that pain with genuine care and understanding. That would be cool. Imagine creating a world like that and leaving it for our children and grandchildren…


Hmm…. I want more mess please.