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It is a strange fact, but also one that very much shows the state of our world is in, how people fear depth when once upon a time visionaries were honoured and sort after for bringing in insight and wisdom from our ancestors and spirits who freely want to support humanity to evolve.

True visionaries connect with spirit to bring information to their communities whether in person or online, to support and assist humanity to evolve, meaning their work will carry depth and insight that may at times challenge your perception or the way you view the world or insight that may unsettle you. That’s not a bad thing, it’s necessary. It’s necessary to know, to grow and being uncomfortable is necessary because change is constant, everything is always moving whether we choose to accept that or not, but most people don’t want uncomfortable and how I view this is they know deep down by not being able to carry or feel the unsettledness from such wisdom, they are trying to control the fear they feel instead of confronting what is being felt.

People don’t want to feel uncomfortable feelings anymore, I sometimes wonder do they actually want to feel because it is part of our human make up to feel all sorts of feelings, avoidance does nothing but allow it to grow to the point of overwhelm and sometimes even breakdown.

Why am I writing this? I have always shared the depth of my work and my art is no exception but I have noticed lately that the more I’m sharing the depth of my art the more my audience is dropping. No, not worried, actually I’m grateful and yes this is in reference to my social media platforms.

It does show the lack of understanding around the depth of art and what it actually means and how a lot of people do not understand, well shall we say forgotten, what the channel for creativity is here for.

I am finding the more my audience drops, the more confident I feel about my work. Why, because I’m rattling the mass thinkers and I believe this is what my work is here for. In saying that, I have new changes with my art that I will share very soon. xxx

Work in Progress – influence of Vodou chaos painting by Astara Lak’ech (c) 

Wildly Unearthed -Female Empowerment


My focus and direction at present with my art alone is chaos. Sharing through my art how to find stillness within chaos, to trust your knowing; your real self, because everything else can be taken away at any time. That’s a truth. Re-learning how to surrender to move with the Mystery, with change.. because have you not noticed, shit is getting intense. We are living in a powerful time so we choose to surrender and move with the almighty flow or self destruct. Truth again, but most can’t swallow the truth so they will be swallowed.

Intense yes, but truth, so go with it. Be part of the change. So briefly here’s what I want to share…

Get empowered. Stop fucking around and be the reason why you’re here. Stop self oppressing (yes there is such a fucking thing)

Without me saying anymore, just click on this link below and come run with me in 2017, (shit not long now to go now :))

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Catch ya there xxx






Rebuilding Confidence and Finding Purpose

2016, what a fucking year to say the least! As much as it was unexpected in pretty much every single way, I see now with so much clarity why it was. If you’re still complaining about how shit this year was, then prepare yourself for more work next year because clearly you haven’t received the best parts of why it was so damn chaotic.

And you know, realistically, each year will become more chaotic until humanity wakes the fuck up. That’s what we’re here for so I say to you now, embrace for a massive ride next year too. Yes, embrace it because fuck, we have no other choice.

This year has been huge for clearing out inner crap, pulling apart old belief systems that were based on painful hurts. It was also a year of learning to let go again in every way and trust that wherever it was taking me it was for a bigger reason and of course I did. It was painful, I’m not going to lie, but now as I sit here preparing and creating work for next year, wow, am I so grateful.

What I’m focusing on now as an artist, is rebuilding my confidence. I lost much of my confidence as I was thrown around internally this year and had to let go of my art practice in order for me to continue on with it next year. That was hard. Really hard. It touched on an old trauma from long ago that I’m still managing while I rebuild again.

So to rebuild, I have to sit with a bit of emotional pain to be my confidence again. Challenging to say the least, but that’s the beauty of doing something that is soulful that you can’t live without, you’ll go through the shittiest terrain to be in that joy again. Grateful for such deep work.

I also found that part of my lost confidence is the purpose with my art has changed. I did notice it but at the same time I didn’t give it the attention it needed. That focus is necessary to connect with my work and with my audience, without it for me, I find I’m just displaying my art and feel overly exposed. Like standing there naked for people to judge and there’s no purpose to why I’m standing there naked ๐Ÿ˜€

It also gives me a focus and a direction, without it, too much energy not channelled is chaos.

A work in progress – chaos art.

And speaking of chaos, this is the direction my art is taking me, right in the middle of the Mystery.

My message is one of letting go and moving with something much bigger than our tiny selves. Allowing yourself to be swept up in change and trusting your knowing that it’s for a deeper reason, a greater purpose even when you cannot see. This trust in your knowing, is the what we all need to practice because as we can see, chaos is growing in our world and we have to trust and believe in our real selves, our intuition to get us through. That’s all we have because everything else can be taken away at anytime.

Building layers.

So my plans for 2017 is some of what you’ve read, but I’m also open to that changing at anytime because that just seems the way these days. Make loose plans and trust whatever comes.

To all my Facebook. Blog and IG supporters, I can’t thank you enough for walking with me through the many changes I’ve experienced this year. Without you I wouldn’t be able to do what the fire inside me thinks of every day even when I’m not creating, so thank you xxx

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Let Me Be Raw

Let me be raw as fuck with you. I’m experiencing right now one of the biggest blocks I have ever felt with my work and with myself. I think in the world of social media most people hide the messy bits of their life for various reasons but when you’re an artist and also in service to support others the messy bits isn’t shown on our own personal journeys and what we move through to walk our authenticity. 

Ive hid a lot of that myself on social media purely because it is social media and we all know there’s a lot of dickheads that would like to pull down others when they’re already feeling low. My thing and we all have a thing is my uniqueness. It’s not that I don’t honour or love it I absolutely do but it’s tiring living in a world where you confront so many that aren’t walking their truth or just have no idea how to connect with their own individuality, their own inner sight. 

My very colourful life and moving through so many dark places on my own you grow to empathise, have compassion and an open heartedness towards everyone…not much surprises me and not too much pulls me down either.

BUT it’s this shitty feeling that surfaces now and again when I experience another deep dive within that I have to rise to yet another piece of me that I will honour and love and be vulnerable to manifest this change which heightens my sensitivity, opens my heart that little more wider and pulls down yet more veils to see how life and the world really is. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s miraculous it is this heightened awareness and clarity, healing is miraculous but to walk with love is to also walk with pain why? Because as you see more you feel more, your compassion and empathy grows and you see the pain and suffering in the world. This does make a person unique and it is for so many others that see with their real eyes too.

Pulling down more veils is feeling a whole heap of uncomfortable feelings just stuff that we sometimes don’t want to face. So let me clarify because I’m writing this spontaneously.. uniqueness TO ME isn’t the clothes you wear, your gifts, talents whatever most people think that makes you different for me in this world it’s being open, compassionate, empathetic and understanding. 

I know I know these are human qualities we all have..yes that’s true but so many have forgotten to live from their heart and living from what they think is their heart. I say think because when you live from your heart you feel it all when you think you do you’re disconnected from feeling the human qualities that connect all living things to your own heart. 

It ain’t easy in this world if you’re living it truthfully with integrity and to those that do I take my hat off to you. Thanks for listening you just helped heal mine. Xxxx



How many masks do you wear? Have you ever contemplated that question or observed your own behaviour through different situations and scenarios? And if so have you ever asked yourself why and allow that question to take you to the very core of that behaviour?

How many masks do you wear with your family? Your partner? Your children? yes your children because I have watched myself replay patterns of conditioned behaviour past down from my parents and have watched many parents do the same. You are aware thats not you right?

How big are the masks you wear to protect yourself? What lies do you tell yourself from feeling pain? From accepting the truth of what is? And why…

The mask you wear at your work place.. you know the ‘job’ that needs to be done to ‘live’ to ‘survive’ if you were to take that mask off and look at the person beneath that mask what would he/she say about what the masked persons choice of making you work there?

What is the difference from knowing you’re lying to yourself and still choosing to live the lie than to actually not know you’re living a lie?

What is it that you are trying to mask from yourself…

minimalistic quotes masks oscar wilde v for vendetta 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_4 one_hundred_quotes___day_76_by_joycefungx-d62mpgw 10338-let-the-real-me-step-forward-please-as-i-remove-my-masks