Writing Through Chaos

There’s a stillness in the air and an unease to go with it. I’m sure most of us can feel something’s coming and fuck knows what it is but it feels big. The release feels big. Something new, something needed and it feels we are just waiting patiently tending to whatever we need to which is drawing us right into ourselves into our much needed caves.

Though beneath the stillness it feels chaotic and there’s an anxiety building but a knowing to go with it. The knowing that we are being pushed to do our thing whatever that thing is. It feels like the fire of why we’re here is being pushed up to be finally manifested in the physical. Some of us know what that is. Some of us know only part of it and some of us can feel it but have no fucking clue as to what it is.

Either way it’s coming.

I can’t seem to paint which is what I usually do through spaces like this because I love to utilise the energy of what I’m feeling and usually what I paint I can see or feel what is possibly coming through my canvas. But that’s not working. Clay maybe a goer which I will try tomorrow but the only self soothing and productive thing to do right now is writing. Between work and the garden this is the only thing that speaks. I’ve found a flow that I haven’t felt with writing before.

I chose to fuck off any criticism I have had around writing and I have had a shit load but at the end of the day it is creativity and it is a form of communication two things that the world needs, two things I need. Whether my words get read or not, the only thing that matters is that I’m putting it into form and me the writer is accessing a flow within myself that matters greatly in a world gone fucking mad.

It’s giving me a sense of peace and a knowing, actually it’s growing both and how fucking interesting that my creative flow has taken this medium which for some reason feels important to where I’m going to which I have no idea but it feels good and I’m trusting what I do not know.

I’m slowly building new work and I’m sharing and exercising some of that energy (link below) while also writing the website and pages of a book that’s been in slow progression over the last year.

Writing, writing, writing – link —>  She of the Wild 

Thank fuck for creativity.



Support through Growth 

Support is everything to grow and I’m  truly thankful to those that have supported me and my work.  

Thank you, just thank you. ❤️

So I’m going to ask your support again..

A new creation came out of nowhere today. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t even think about it but these days as I travel further on my path things get created spontaneously and I’ve learnt to go with it. I’m an artist after all 😊

The link below is what I would appreciate you to click on and if you feel to go one further to share it I would appreciate it even more. That link is the new link to my new writing page 😳 yep who knew that would ever happen but it has and it will nicely compliment my art page. It will keep me in flow with my writing which I so easily abandon when I paint. 

There’s a book in motion, there has been for a while but a page? I thought I would just come out and share it once it’s completed but I’m wondering now that maybe this is not only going to keep me balanced but to surrender to my creative process and more so my vulnerability.

My creativity pushes me to be vulnerable in places I don’t want to be. It’s helping me to heal places that’s in deep need of loving attention. 

So beautiful people I would greatly appreciate your support by clicking the link below and pressing Like.

Thank you a thousand times for your support xoxo 

The Shadow & the Wild Facebook page – 

The Shadow & the Wild


I’m currently in a place of nothingness. That place where you receive so many ideas of where you can potentially direct your path to but usually don’t. It’s a place full of ideas, excitement of the new and the unknown and a little fearful of not knowing where the fuck you’re going to put it bluntly. It’s also a period of rest, of deep listening to not only the three thousand magical ideas you can manifest like a boss but really listening to the fears that surface in this space.

No need to go deep and explore the fear but to listen to it, acknowledge it and let it pass and feel ultimately what is my core passion and just receiving with clarity that next detail of where to from here. It’s a feeling of not wanting to sit still and distracting yourself for hours on the net of finding what that next detail could be 😀 which usually is a waste of time trust me 😀 though really it’s just stopping to just feel and be present with all the feelings that are wanting attention and that’s it. 

Being present. Don’t need to do anything but give your entire being presence.

Feel it all, be in your body, be fucken uncomfortable it’s ok it’ll pass and before you know that next detail arrives and the familiar feeling of ‘I already knew that’ returns.. 🙂

copyright Astara Lak’ech

Artists Rituals

All you artists, writers, poets, musicians… the question I would like to ask is, do you have a ritual before you begin creating? You know to get you in the zone to create do you have a ritual to shift you into that space and if so what is it?
It came to me today on my walk about what I need to do to get in the zone because I’m not quite feeling the pull to paint but I want to and it got me thinking that I need to put those things in place to create sacred space.

What’s my ritual? It actually starts in the beginning of the day where I may prep a canvas or begin clearing the area a little (I have a set space to paint) and purposely not clog my day up with distraction to make space to relax. I usually always create at night. I love the darkness and the silence where you can almost hear your inner voice so loud and it tells you what colour to use and where the next brush stroke should be. 

Incense. Incense is a must and possibly wine…maybe…not always..depends on my mood…and really just having everything on hand and everything I need within that space. 

Oh and music got to have music..

You all know I’m writing this really to get my arse into gear and and just do it already because procrastination is an artists best friend. 

BUT procrastination is not always a bad thing allowing the creative energy to build I feel is essential to BUT 😄 I really am procrastinating because I’m searching for more words to write and I can’t think of any 😳 … 

Ok ok I’m off to get the wine first…


My God Woman Just Write!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there to feel this but why is it when we think of producing a body of writing in the form of a book we shit ourselves with a thousand doubts and don’t even begin?

I want to just put that out there and see how this unfolds in hope I can conquer some of my own fears just by writing about it. I have a thousand times thought of producing a body of work to completely freeze and shit myself and talk myself out of it convincing myself it will be a complete waste of time and really who the fuck is going to publish it, will anyone like it, do I really have the time, do I really want to make the time, and yes I can self publish sounds awesome but do I really have the time to market it and can I be fucked to?? These few main questions completely talk me out of beginning even though the feeling to begin is pretty big I’m going to convince myself yet again that I can’t.

But why? Writing is another form of expression too why can’t I? I’ve produced drawings and paintings and have exhibited many times before so why not this? The one thing I can share is each time I’ve hit a really big fear with manifesting a creative idea I have always found it will change my life and I do believe in many ways these immobilising fears that surface for each of us has something to do with aligning with one of the many things we are meant to do while we are here.

Really its the journey isn’t it? Removing fears and obstacles out of our way to walk a more authentic path so really beginning the many pages to come isn’t a waste of time because of all the gain and personal growth with the journey. Just confronting the huge fears of beginning and getting out of my own way is a release in itself. Hmmmm… I’m going to sit with that and probably shit myself some more BUT this time I’ll write out the fears see what moves see if I can convince myself to grow a set and actually begin. I will let you know.. 🙂